"Lost" 36"x48" $900 (2016)

36"x60" $1,500 (2016) SOLD

48"x48" $1,800 (2016)

"False Prophets 24"x24" $400 (2016) SOLD

"The Sound of Silence" 36"x72" $1,800 (2016)

"Fortunes Fool" 36"x48" $2,600 (2016)

"The Battle" 24"x24" $400 (2016) SOLD

36"x48" $900 (2016)

"All Great Nations Fall" 40"x60" $2,500 (2016) SOLD

"Somewhere Only We Know" 36"x48" $900 (2016)

"Bands of Purple for Prince" 24"x24" $400 (2016) SOLD

"Meet Me In The Clouds" 36"x48" $900 (2016)

drawing - Pencil, pen, ink, charcoal or other similar mediums on paper or other support, tending toward a linear quality rather than mass, and also with a tendency toward black-and-white, rather than color (one exception being pastel).


encaustic - The process of using pigments dissolved in hot wax as a medium for painting; mostly used long ago, but there are some contemporary artists who have used encaustic, such as Jasper Johns.

engraving - A general term used to describe traditional printing processes, such as etching, aquatint, drypoint, etc., where an image is made by the use of metal plates and engraving tools, and printed, usually through a printing press. The image can be incised into the plate, or drawn with fluid and then dipped in acid to etch the uncovered areas. These processes are still used by artists, but of course have been supplanted by more modern processes for general printing purposes.

36"x60" $1,500 (2016) SOLD

24"x36" $600 (2016) SOLD

"Canceled" 36"x48" $900 (2016)

"Tortured Soul of The Quilted Man 24"x24" $400 (2016)

"Those with the Gold Make the Rules" 36"x48" $900 (2016)

"The Curse" 18"x24" $400 (2016) SOLD

"Head Full of Dreams" 36"x72" $3,600 (2016)

"Pills in Portland" 36"x48" Triptych $900 (2016) SOLD

"Discarded" 36"x62" $1,500 (2016) (Can be seen at Urban Solace in NorthPark)

Chris Smith - Artist

‚ÄčSan Diego Visual Artist

"Beautiful Lies" 24"x36" $600 (2016) SOLD

24"x24" $400 (2016) SOLD

"Dead Poets" 36"x60" $1,500 (2016)

"Minds Eye" 48"x48" $1,800 (2016)

"Lady Liberty Needs Glasses" 24"x36" $600 (2016) SOLD

"Fear is Stronger Than Love" 24"x36" $600 (2016)

24"x36" $600 (2016) SOLD

"That Time You Were Leaving 24"x24" $400 (2016) SOLD

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