"Illusions" 35"x45" (2017) (Mounted in a black shadow box

engraving - A general term used to describe traditional printing processes, such as etching, aquatint, drypoint, etc., where an image is made by the use of metal plates and engraving tools, and printed, usually through a printing press. The image can be incised into the plate, or drawn with fluid and then dipped in acid to etch the uncovered areas. These processes are still used by artists, but of course have been supplanted by more modern processes for general printing purposes.

gesture/gestural - The concept of gesture in drawing is twofold: it describes the action of a figure; and it embodies the intangible "essence" of a figure or object. The action line of a figure is often a graphic undulating line, which follows the movement of the entire body of the figure being drawn or painted. The term gestural is an extension of this idea to describe a type of painting which is characterized by brushstrokes with a gestural quality, that is, flowing, curved, undulating lines or forms. Gestural composition means a type of composition based on gestural directional movements. The work of Arshile Gorky, the Abstract Expressionist, is an example of gestural painting, which often connotes a spiritual or emotional content.

"Kings Puppet" 48"x48" (2017)

"Mystery Babylon"  48"x48" (2016-2017)


"Centuries of Poison" 48"x48" (2017)

figurative - A term used to describe art which is based on the figure, usually in realistic or semi-realistic terms; also loosely used to describe an artist who paints or sculpts representationally, as opposed to painting or sculpting in an abstract or non-objective manner.

48"x48" (2017)

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Chris Smith

‚ÄčSan Diego Visual Artist

36"x48" Dyptic (2017)

"Where's Mars Argo" 36"x60" SOLD (2017)

"Conspiracy of Silence" 48"x48" (2016-2017)

"Kings of Profit" 48"x48" (2016-2017)

"The Future is Stupid" 48"x48" (2017)

"Minds Eye" 48"x48" (2016-2017)

New Works - Hooligan Arts Solo Show

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