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Chris Smith

San Diego Visual Artist

Grand Hyatt San Diego has partnered with Alexander Salazar Fine Art and It’s All About the Kids® Foundation to bring the designs of 5 contemporary artists to the hotel in the form of abstract Christmas tree sculptures.

Artists Walter Redondo, Chris Smith (Hooligan Arts), Qais Al Sindy, Isaac Coronado and Alexander Salazar have been commissioned to create original designs for the hotel's "Grand Art Series: A Festival of Trees 2016" display. The tree-themed art will be displayed from December 5th 2016 - January 1st 2017 at Grand Lobby in Grand Hyatt hotel, located at 1 Market Place, San Diego CA 92101.


As a visual artist I believe it is important to challenge yourself. To push the boundaries of your comfort zone and to grow through these challenges. I have always been interested in attempting sculpture and this project gave me that opportunity. This was my first sculpture, it was a challenge and truly pushed my boundaries as an artist. The origins of the Christmas tree represent the trinity pointing to heaven. To me, this tree represents growth and endless possibilities. - "Chris Smith Hooligan Arts"

figurative - A term used to describe art which is based on the figure, usually in realistic or semi-realistic terms; also loosely used to describe an artist who paints or sculpts representationally, as opposed to painting or sculpting in an abstract or non-objective manner.

figure/ground - The relationship of the picture surface (ground) to the images on the picture surface (figure). The figure is the space occupied by forms (e.g., a person in a portrait) (also known as the 'positive' space); the ground is the "empty" or unoccupied space around the person in the portrait (also known as the 'negative' space) (The ground is also commonly called the 'background.') In art since the early 20th century, this division of the picture plane has been seriously challenged, to the point where there is not a distinction of figure/ground, but rather one continuous surface and space, with no 'positive' or 'negative' space, just one interwoven space.
focal point - In two-dimensional images, the center of interest visually and/or subject-wise; tends to be used more in traditional, representational art than in modern and contemporary art, where the picture surface tends to have more of an overall importance, rather than one important area.

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